September 27, 2016

About ICS

Introduction business development

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Menno Been, born in the vicinity of Amsterdam (Aalsmeer)

In 1989, after my business education IM Internationaal Management in Amsterdam, I worked for 2 years in the food industry as a Sales Manager for a French producer of flavours, extracts, colours and caramel (fillings & toppings). Accent was on business development, and I worked from my home office in the Netherlands for the subsidiary in Brussels.

Then I worked for 15 years as a Sales Export Manager for a Dutch producer of egg products (liquid, frozen and powdered egg products). Here also a clear focus on business development in Europe with proven sales results. I succeeded in strengthening the company’s position significantly. These included, after the necessary efforts, eventually multinationals.

Proactive, I initiated participation at international food exhibitions in Europe.
I was a member of the Management Team. I also conducted various purchasing tasks, and realized demonstrable savings in packaging, ingredients, and cleaning products.

Business Development

Throughout my career I have always worked with pleasure and dedication in the field of business development and internationalization of companies. I find it interesting to work with different disciplines. After working in the food industry succesfully for 18 years, I was looking for a new challenge in the form of independence.

Independent entrepreneurbusiness development

In January 2007 I started my own business under the company name Interim Commercial Solutions for companies in the food industry. I worked for companies in BE, CH, ES, FR and NL. Focus of my work is Northern Europe with a few exceptions in Spain and Italy. I replaced or supported for some time sales managers and commercial directors in Belgium and Switzerland. This was due to changes within the commercial organization, someone retired or simply to strengthen the team. The contacts I had were mainly purchasing and R&D.
Therefore I have an extensive network of contacts within the food industry in Europe.

5 languages I master both spoken and written (Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish)
From 2009 to 2014 my company was established in Germany.
Since the end of 2014, I work from Northern Spain with good connections via Bilbao.

Through experience and extensive network, I can offer my services for a short or longer period in the field of:

• Business Development

• Internationalization

• Export support

• Support in negotiations in different languages

• Sales & Purchasing support

• Brainstorming product development

Please feel free to contact me in order to discuss the possibilities.

Interim Commercial Solutions